Testimonials and Comments

This is a small selection of comments from my happy clients.

You have been such a positive, calm, influence on me and I genuinely feel that Elizabeth’s
birth would not have gone as smoothly without you.

January 2017

When I was younger, I was very afraid of the far-off concept of childbirth, and thought that when i came to birth, I would ask for all of the drugs! However, you put our minds at ease in every subject.

I felt that throughout my pregnancy everything would be ok because you were there.

Because of you, I was able to believe that my birth plan, could be a plan, rather than just a possibility.

I honestly feel that I would not have achieved such a lovely peaceful birth without you.

It was exactly how I could have hoped for Phoebe to enter the world!

Camilla and Philipp
December 2016

“I felt so happy to have you by my side – you were an amazing calming presence and seemed to be on hand with exactly what I needed and what I needed to hear!”

You are so brilliant at your job and I am endlessly grateful.

From Emily and Ben Wisher
September 2016

Just to let you know how much your support meant to us, your kind nature, wise words, experience and vast resources gave me the courage to follow my heart, and to believe in my ability to birth my baby in the way I wanted.

Having you on our journey gave us confidence and serenity.

From Maria and Justin
September 2016

Sarah was hugely important to me throughout my two pregnancies.

I was fortunate enough to deliver in water each time but this was, in no small part, due to Sarah’s continually calm, practical wisdom. Her Purely Pregnancy oils both pre and post birth were of great emotional and physical comfort.

Sarah’s most special gift however, is her vast experience as a midwife and indeed, mother. I felt totally prepared for labour as a result. I cannot recommend her more highly.

A pregnancy under Sarah’s remarkable care is a very blessed one indeed.


Sarah was a huge support to us right from the first we met and always went above and beyond. Sarah was always on hand to answer any questions we had and to help us make decisions that were right for us, particularly in relation to developing our birth plan.

We both felt very at ease with Sarah and she was brilliant at ensuring Dan was as involved in our meetings as I was.

Sarah also lent us books and DVDs, provided me with an aromatherapy kit and even sent me a book all about pregnancy too.

Sarah was very calm and reassuring, and supported me in calling the hospital. When we got into the car and realised that I was unable to sit down, Sarah travelled in the back of our car with us, with me lain across her lap and me and kept myself and Dan calm throughout the journey to hospital, including when I had the urge to push as we travelled through Friday night rush hour traffic! Neither myself nor Dan can imagine what that car journey would have been like without Sarah!

Sarah was a great support during labour and ensured that myself and Dan had lots of support and ensured that I remained hydrated, had cold flannels etc. Sarah also helped to support me when I was moved into a position that I didn’t was to give birth in, and provided me with lots of support during the pushing stage.

Dan found Sarah’s presence throughout the labour process to be very reassuring. Sarah also helped us capture photos as Ava was born, which we wouldn’t have thought to do.

Sarah went above and beyond during the time after my birth and waited with Dan and Ava until I came out of theatre at 2.30am, despite Ava having been born at 6.59pm. Dan really valued the fact that Sarah stayed with him and Ava whilst I was in theatre as he thinks he would have felt quite clueless being left on his own with Ava when she was so tiny.

Sarah is an amazing lady who has consistently gone above and beyond to provide us with the best possible ccare and support. She has the most wonderful nature and is so calm and reassuring and has a huge amount of empathy.

It is very clear that Sarah has trained as a doula due to having a burning passion to help couple achieve the very best birth they can. We also loved the fact that Sarah really worked with us together, as a couple, and built up a brilliant relationship with Dan as well as myself.

Lisa and Dan

Sarah visited me for relaxed meetings where we got to know each other better, chatted about my previous (induced) birth experience which I found difficult, and discussed my preferences for a natural birth this time. This helped me to formulate an informed and well structured birth plan which I believe made a difference in the way I was treated at the hospital.

Sarah was always available by email or telephone to answer any queries that I wanted to discuss.

She also gave me a beautiful package of her aromatherapy oils and creams, many of which proved to be very useful and comforting during and after pregnancy.

Conversations with her always left me feeling assured and happy that she would be by my side during the birth.

She stayed with me until I was comfortable in my room in the postnatal ward, by which time it was well past 6am. Despite the busy night, she was full of smiles and positive energy even as she left.

Sarah made all the difference in helping me understand and feel good about all the aspects of a natural birth, and she was an absolute gem during labour and birth – from coaching me on breathing through the pain of labour, through to guiding me during pushing, and looking after me and baby immediately after birth to ensure we were warm and comfortable.

From the outset, Sarah came across as gentle, caring, understanding, thoughtful and genuinely passionate about supporting women through pregnancy and birth, and these wonderful qualities shone time and time again throughout the invaluable support she provided as a doula.

She fully understood my preferences for a natural birth and was always happy to discuss any queries I had, whether in person during our meetings, or by phone or email if at any time something popped into my head that I wanted to talk about.

When the big day came, she provided everything I could have asked for and more. The labour and the birth happened overnight, and she kept me comfortable and calm throughout with her positive gentle manner, and encouraging words.

I will forever be grateful to her for providing such wonderful support at this precious time.


When I met Sarah, I knew she had the guidance I was looking for. Sarah is knowledgable, balanced, reassuring, inspiring and motivating.

I knew she would be the best for me and my husband.

She was wonderful with preparing and informing me about every stage of the birth. She gave me so much more confidence and helped me to be more relaxed about the whole process.

Her knowledge of childbirth and intervention was really amazing.

Sarah ensured that I was comfortable and looked after. All my wishes regarding my son’s birth have been entirely fulfilled thanks to Sarah.

Sarah is amazing. I could not have wished for a better doula.

Sarah is very gentle and is a calm and reassuring presence. Nothing in this world can be planned and especially not labour, but being well supported by Sarah throughout the journey made coming to terms with a change of plan so much easier.

This comment is from Natalia’s husband, Luckasz – “Sarah provided useful information and reassurance in difficult situations and gave us both confidence to follow our own decisions.

Her presence at our birth enabled me to focus entirely on providing support to my wife without having to be concerned with other matters.”

Natalia and Lukasz

I chose Sarah because of her experiences of birth, both personal and professional, prior to becoming a doula, and because of her confidence and ability to listen / be sensitive to my wants.

She listened.

She read the reams of research I had done on my birth choices.

She was always supportive and non-judgemental in any decision I made about my prenatal care / birth plan.

She brought me cake.

She made my firstborn feel (still) important despite my newborn.

She re-affirmed my choices and was just lovely!

Sarah is very careful not to let her professional experiences as a midwife (previously) to interfere with the care she gives as a doula. However she is innately calm and attentive to everything going on in either a home or hospiial environment.

She is empathetic as well as being the eyes and ears you need in the throes of labour.

Helen and James

Sarah was a very calming, serene influence. She is constantly positive, even in the face of difficult decisions or situations.

She came to feel like a friend as well as a doula. We were totally confident in her knowledge and abilities. She supported us in our choices and made us feel relaxed and positive about our birth

Rebecca and Matthew

Having known Sarah for almost a decade, I can honestly say she is one of the kindest, most thoughtful and genuine people I have the pleasure of knowing.

Sarah was my midwifery mentor from 2005-2008 and very quickly became a wonderful friend. She has the ability to make anyone feel immediately at ease and relaxed. Sarah’s calming and gentle nature made her the most wonderful midwife, and now in her role as doula, I’m sure will be fantastic!


Thank you so much for your kindness, both this time round and when we saw you when we were expecting our daughter.

Both labours were stressful at the end, but up to the end I was able to remain calm and relaxed, through your advice, and I felt in control.


Just a little note to say a big thank you for all your support and encouragement during the birth of our daughter.

I can only say that the experience is a memorable one in the most positive of ways and one that I hope many more women encounter under your care.

From the onset, when I cam to you for the aromatherapy oils, right through to coming to see me on the ward, I would like to extend my our thanks to you.


Thank you so much for all that you have done for us all. You are kind, helpful and caring.

We will never forget how nicely you treated us. All the best and we hope to see you for baby No. 2!!


Thank you very much for the loan of the DVD and all your help and advice.

The oils that you gave us were fabulous and it is wonderful that you offer the service you do.

Thanks again

Emma & Phil

Just a note to say a big thank you for delivering our first baby. You were a fantastic support to both of us throughout.

I couldn’t have done it without your encouragement and in particular the aromatherapy massage.

Your care made such a difference and enabled us to experience the birth in a truly wonderful way.

We cannot thank you enough!

Kathryn and Andrew

Thank you for the advice with the massage and oils. Couldn’t have done it without it!


Just a small note to say the biggest thank you for all your support in such a very short space of time.

Out of all the midwives that have supported us, it is you that has made the difference. You have a very special way of letting people know that you care.


Aromatherapy oils helped me relax before and during labour. It was comforting to know that I had a special blend of oils to help me during labour.

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