As your doula I will be closely engaged with you throughout your pregnancy and especially so as the birth of your baby gets closer.

I will provide the whole-hearted support and advice you need during your pregnancy, helping to ensure you and your baby experience the kind of birth you want.

Included in the doula support package I provide are:-

  • An initial meeting to see whether I am the right doula for you
  • Meetings at intervals convenient to you to discuss the progress of pregnancy, birth plans, preparation for labour, massage….. this list is open and endless!
  • I include an essential oil box of treatments which has a RRP of ¬£75
  • One reflexology treatment, either in the comfort of your own home, or in mine!
  • I will be available by phone at any time to discuss any matter
  • I am available to accompany you to your clinic visits if you wish
  • I will be on call for you for 24 hours a day from 38 weeks and for the duration of the birth (however long it is) and postnatally by arrangement
  • I will also make every effort to be available for the birth of a baby ready to be born before 37 weeks gestation.


My interest is in helping you throughout your pregnancy and birth, giving you support and confidence in your choices. By its nature, this requires a significant commitment on my part..

If you would like to have a doula but are concerned regarding costs, please do not be worried – just contact me instead to discuss how I can help you. Payments may be made in instalments, and other help may be available.

Being a Doula really is a Labour of Love!