Doula – A Labour of Love

Are you pregnant or planning a pregnancy – but feeling nervous or overwhelmed?

Are you worried by the variety of choices, conflicting advice, and old wives tales?

Have you had a difficult or traumatic experience during a previous pregnancy or birth? Could that be affecting your enjoyment of this pregnancy?

Then a doula is for you!


So, What is a Doula and How Can a Doula Make a Difference?

You may have heard it said that having the support of a doula is just a trend for now – infact the word doula comes from the ancient Greek word Doule and means serving woman and had been described as the second oldest profession!

A doula today is a constant companion and partner, experienced in childbirth and care of the newborn.

A doula becomes close to you and gets to know and understand you. She will help you to feel safe and will work out what helps to give you confidence, and what you would ideally like to achieve.

A doula will be able to guide you in your decision making, never influencing or leading, but enabling and encouraging; and unlocking the mysteries of birth.

Doulas can help you feel informed and empowered, enabling couples to make the right choice for themselves and their baby.

The presence of a doula providing constant unhurried and unconditional support has been shown to result in an improved physical and emotional birth experience for women and their partners.


Advantages of Having a Doula

The advantages of having a doula for your pregnancy and birth are many. Some can be quantified easily, others not so.

With a doula as a birth companion, many women experience:-

  • A reduction in the need for induction
  • Shortening of the length of labour
  • Less requirement of analgesia, such as pethidine, morphine and epidural
  • Less likelihood of the use of drugs to stimulate labour
  • A reduction in the rate of caesarian section
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem
  • A higher rate of satisfaction in the overall birth experience


Pregnancy and Birthing Aids

  • I have books and DVD’s to loan
  • I have a birth pool to loan free of charge
  • I have a TENS machine to loan
  • My pregnancy and labour pack of handmade oils and creams (10 different treatments) is complimentary with my doula service
  • I am able to teach massage techniques and loan a supporting DVD


My Privilege as a Doula

It is an immense privilege to be a birth doula, entering in partnership into a very private space, guiding and encouraging, towards a safe, fulfilling and joyous birth.