About Sarah Bournon

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Sarah Bournon trained in London in Nursing followed by Midwifery.

Having qualified, she worked within the NHS as a Clinical Midwife.

Now with many years experience, Sarah worked as a hospital-based Midwife with a special interest in natural and active birth.

In 2013, she trained with Developing Doulas in Cambridge as a doula, in order to be able to give women 100% of her support in pregnancy and birth.

She is now available as a recognised doula.

Midwife means “with woman” and Sarah feels very privileged that this has been her work for almost 30 years.

She used complementary therapies within her practice as an important means of encouraging physical support and emotional confidence, during pregnancy, in labour and during postnatal recovery period.

Sarah feels passionate about encouraging natural birth, and equally passionate about helping those who are experiencing more troublesome pregnancies, or who may have had a difficult previous experience.

Sarah is always available for discussion regarding your individual needs.